Getting to Sex

I'll teach you the mindsets, habits, and simple skills that will give you more sex, better sex, or both.

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"Matt hadn’t gone down on me in two years, but as I opened up to receive more of what I desire, he did it without my even asking. We have been having the most intimate, mind-blowing sex dates."

- Emma, Portland, OR


Stop wishing your relationship was hotter
and make getting together

This course will show you how to

  • Get to sex more often
  • Have more fun when you get there
  • Make your relationship sweeter and deeper in the process
In this video-based course, complete with exercises and tutorials to use on your own or with your partner, you'll get support and guidance to create new habits around intimacy. Your new habits will turn into new skills, a hotter relationship, and more confidence and security in bed and beyond.

Your Instructor

Michele Lisenbury Christensen
Michele Lisenbury Christensen
Michele Lisenbury Christensen, MA is a relationship & sex coach with a Master's Degree in Psychology and 20 years of experience as a leadership and relationship coach. She has extensive training and mentorship from pioneers including Esther Perel, Terry Real, John & Julie Gottman, and Nicole Daedone.

Michele's coaching and online programs use cutting edge brain science, evidence-based tools, and practical habits to help you enliven and evolve yourself and your relationships – so you can create the love and sex you crave, with the partner you already have.

Michele's training and experience are detailed at lisenbury.com. Her real credentials, however, are in the way she lives what she teaches in her own marriage and with her family and community, and the results her clients create with her guidance.

Q: What did you like best about the changes in your relationship?

A: "It really just took a 2-degree shift. It was subtle; I'd thought it would take some massive effort to get us out of our rut, but it didn't. It really felt pretty easy."

- Mike, Seattle, WA

Here’s What You Get

In addition to the course curriculum, I give you a solid system of support and structure so you can establish the new habits that make all the difference in your relationship:

1. A NEW APPROACH TO SEX with me as your guide.
You need both the nuts and bolts of “what to do” and some key, succinct ideas about the ways sexual intimacy is "set up to lose” in long-term relationships in our culture. With both in hand, you’ll be equipped to revive, elevate, or rewrite your sexual connection, right where you are. As a result, you’ll soon be able to create the quantity, quality, and depth of connection you really desire.

2. A MONTH OF PRACTICE *after* you've learned the new skills.
I'll send you bite-sized reminders to take action for 30 days once you've completed the course modules, because getting tips and tricks doesn’t engender a meaningful change in your ways of moving toward intimacy or engaging with one another. When you get support to practice new ideas and skills over time, while your everyday life continues to roll along, your relationship can move to a new place.
30 days of bite-sized learning will help you get really good at these skills and build them into your life, and have a hotter relationship and real confidence and security.

3. WHAT TO EXPECT as you practice these new skills.
Once you understand the whys and how-tos of the skills I’ll teach you, it’s all about practice. Practice will bring up questions. My messages will preemptively answer some of your questions and give you guideposts for where many couples find themselves at each spot in this process. This pacing ensures you have time to practice and stay informed about what’s reasonable to expect at each stage of your learning.

4. REAL-TIME SUPPORT for your practice.
A few weeks into your practice, I’ll invite you both to a real-time practice session with guidance from me before and after. You’ll hang up to practice privately in between these calls, and then again after the second one. The adjustments that will take your skills and your intimacy deeper will be easier to pinpoint and to make if you get guidance directly after your session and then go straight back and practice again. Plus: double the heat!

Clients and students verify that this guidance a great way to iron out any rough patches in your connection and get really good at your new skills, really quickly. But no, you don't have to ask me any questions or tell me anything about your practice if you don't want to. And this session will be recorded for you to reference later.

5. ANONYMOUS HOTLINE for your questions.
At any time throughout the month, you can ask questions via the Q&A “hotline," a private form where you can submit your questions anonymously. At least once a week, I’ll answer the latest batch of questions in a video I’ll share with all participants.

Sexuality is one of the most nuanced and important areas of our lives, and negotiating sexual chemistry inside our primary relationship is extraordinarily challenging, yet most of us never have access to sensitive, skilled guidance in the physical or emotional aspects of connecting.

Sex is both an area where society places tremendous pressure on us to “perform” and a highly taboo subject. That’s why it can be useful to hear others’ questions and their answers, and to be anonymous when you ask questions. We keep the question “hotline” open so you can get down-to-earth, real-people answers to all your important questions about love, sex, men, women, and communication.

6. OPTIONAL FEEDBACK to deepen your practice.
Either or both of you can turn in your practice journal for feedback and guidance from me.

My private coaching clients - and my own experience with being coached in sexual skills - have taught me that journaling the thoughts, feelings, and questions that come up with an ongoing practice is a great way to deepen the learning. As well, I’ve learned that getting feedback on all or part of a practice journal is a phenomenal way to open up the answers to questions we didn’t even know we had, and thereby access new territory emotionally and sensationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. That said, you also get a series of emails during the first several weeks after you enroll, to make sure you're up and running, and when you're ready to start the 28 Day Couples' Challenge, you let me know and I'll support you every step of the way through those 28 days. You can repeat that sequence whenever you like.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We're confident the course can help you find your way to connection with your partner more often and in more satisfying ways. Each relationship is unique and one course can't guarantee that it'll address every relationship challenge. This course is focused on one specific challenge: you both pretty much like the sex you have when you get to it, but you don't get around to it as often as you'd like. Its benefits tend to reach beyond that, but each couple's mileage varies. Here's how I guarantee your satisfaction: If you have a healthy relationship and you're watching all the course videos, doing the exercises, and asking your questions on the Q&A hotline and you let me know specifically what you thought the course would address that it hasn't, I will spend up to 30 minutes coaching you and/or your partner on that particular point. Your committed participation is a prerequisite, and if there's a "getting to sex" issue this course missed, I'll be thankful to you for helping me discover it.
What is your refund policy?
I stopped offering refunds after experience showed me that they were only requested by people who didn't actually use the course after they bought it. That's under the student's control, not the teacher's, so I can't guarantee on that point. I do guarantee the usefulness of the tools, if applied. See above for details. Before you register for the course, I encourage you to ask any questions you need to ask and be sure that you're prepared to invest both money and attention to deepen your erotic satisfaction and emotional intimacy. Both investments will be required, neither is refundable, and your dividends will be amazing if you truly ante up.

"It's embarrassing to say, but sex used to be this anxiety-provoking thing. I wanted it, but I didn’t want to ask. I wanted to be spontaneous and playful and relaxed, but I would get stressed trying to get it right. You’ve taught us how to mellow out and slow down. It feels simpler. Easier. It feels right for who we are now."

- Joe, London


Having a deeply satisfying, not-upsetting, pleasurable connection with your partner is one of the greatest blessings of being together for the long haul. We're taught that kind of pleasure "should come automatically" but it doesn't. Most of us have to learn to make sex work well inside our busy lives and multifaceted relationships.

That learning doesn't have to be confrontive, embarrassing, or tawdry. This course lets you learn in the privacy of your home and get your questions answered anonymously (if you wish) from an expert who's a wife and mother and an ordinary person, just like you.

You deserve more pleasure and more ease in getting to it. This course is a simple path to getting there, and the fun and spark it will add will touch every aspect of your life.

Get started now!